Kelsey Cruz-Martin

Noticing the peripheral moments of everyday life often serve to ignite a starting point for my ideas. Visual representations from the outside world are embedded within the work, creating multiple connections and loose associations that subtly comment on the world in which we live in.

I draw upon the relationship between language and the body. Using text as a point of departure, ideas materialise across various disciplines including sculpture, installation, print, textiles, video, and sound. Anthropomorphic qualities including desire, grief, pain and pleasure are explored via recurring themes such as the mouth and the voice. Oscillating between internal and external, public and private, language and sound – the gate that veils or unveils emotion.

Repetition and semiotics are employed to interrupt the familiarity of language, creating ambiguity while simultaneously generating new interpretations. Assigned meanings are removed and placed into the unknown, creating a vocabulary of abstract motifs, marks and symbols that point to a moment in time.